Han Van Acoleyen

Han Van Acoleyen works as a filmmaker, writer, illustrator, video-and-audio-editor and composer in Berlin.

All Han Van Acoleyen’s work is about exploring perception in relation to being. She does this by searching for cracks towards the (sub)consciousness, its expansion and its natural laws, by means of layering and collaging and using special effects in editing of texts, images, video and sound. She aims to challenge perception of the audience by playing with and breaking cognitive habits of perception, storytelling and the combination of them.



Han Van Acoleyen was born in Belgium in 1976, where she got a degree in architecture in 2000. During these studies she researched the expression of states of being, atmospheres as well as world-views by use of graphics and spatial structures. The theoretical part of her diploma thesis “De onvolkomenheid van de moderne mens” (The unfulfilldness of the modern human) concerned about modernist existential philosophies and their influence on architecture and how to express its ideology, of making the modern human feel fulfilled again, in architecture. The architecture of Mies Van Der Rohe was employed to exemplify this. The practical part consisted out of the design of a museum of contemporary arts concerning the theme water in a city (Roermond, NL) where water plays a major role.

Since 2003 she lives and works in Berlin. 2004 she met Ceven Knowles and started acting in some of his film-projects. She kept on developing her theme and completed 2011 a bachelor in judaic studies and publishing & communication science. Through these studies she deepened her research by combining language/communication/storytelling with the (sub)consciousness. She wrote her bachelor thesis “Die Funktion des Erzählens in Agnons ‘Ad Olam’” about the function of storytelling in post-modern hebrew literature, analyzing a short story dealing with (on an underlying level) the hasidic culture of storytelling after world war II.

Since 2011 she explores her theme ‘perception and being’ further in her short films and sound performances. 2012 she became a member of the filmArche e.V., where she learns and teaches about editing, sound design and directing in the frame of her theme.


Notable Projects Selection

in production

Dots of Memories experimental documentary reflecting on home video material

director: Vincent Zegveld, camera: Sampo Lüttge, editing and sound design: Han Van Acoleyen



Verwesung_1min. 20, poetic animation

The interaction between humans and nature and its caricature as decay. Ode to a place.

- screening at NomadenKino Berlin, august 2014

This is about Senses and this is about Happiness_10 min., short film

We visit an elderly woman who, with childlike curiosity, explores the world in her little flat.

director: Rike Hoppe, script Léa Michel and Rike Hoppe, actress Victoria Pickett, Armin Eichhorn, Rike Hoppe: camera: Markus Koch, editing: Han Van Acoleyen and Rike Hoppe, sound at set: Sigrid Oberer, producer: Armin Eichhorn, production: filmArche e.V.

- screening at Achtung Berlin, april 2014. Special Mention in category ‘Best Film’.

– screening at 56. Nordische Filmtage Lübeck, oktober/november 2014

- screening at Kurzfilmtag, Berlin, december 2014

Omnium_theatre performance at ACUD, Berlin

Based on novel “The third Policeman” by Flann O’Brien.

performer/director: Adam Read, video/animation: Thomas Brose, live sound design: Miriam Siebenstädt, Hen Lovely Bird, Moldy Horse (Han Van Acoleyen), set design: Dmytry Galanov, costumes: Olga Dumova, light design: Daniel Semke, january 2014


Space and Direction with Sound_2 hour workshop

- held on 16.9.2013 at the filmArche e.V.

Tausend diamond birds_a sound performance and collaboration between moldy horse (Han Van Acoleyen: vocals and effects) and cardinal veil (violin and effects)

This performance is an exploration of expressing human made structures decaying back into nature, rational forms falling apart into organic chaos. This is being translated into the audible by working with life improvised layering of voices and violin and by fragmenting, looping and sampling of recorded daily life sounds.

– live at QuEAR, das 2. transtonale ohrenfest, Berlin, august 2013

Connecting Video with Audio in AE_2 hour Workshop

- held on 25.3.2013 at the filmArche e.V.


Addis Abeba_10 min. 31, an experimental short film by Ceven Knowles and Han Van Acoleyen, 2010-2012

This short film is an experimental search for the process of narration, of conversation. Where does the conversation begins and where the dreams, the memories, the surroundings, the place …

– screening at Läns Museum in Jönköping, Schweden, march/april 2013

(IKFU internationell konstfilm) (in collaboration with Ceven Knowles)

- screening at Entzaubert, Berlin 2012

Primary Tones_2 min. 12, experimental short film

…finding expression in a scream. But who or what is expressing itself?

directing, editing, concept: Han Van Acoleyen, acting: Hen Lovely Bird, Claudia Frickemeier: sound: Han Van Acoleyen, Hen Lovely Bird

Cethor_15 min., video projection and performance

What if the world would dissolve into pixels and noise…

video projection, vocals and effects: Han Van Acoleyen, violin and effects: Cardinal Veil, Berlin, december 2012


How to start a conversation with you_series of photo collage posters

- exhibited at 48 StundenNeukölln 2011, Berlin


Lore, das Mädchen, dass sich verloren wähnte_(Lore, the girl that imagined herself to be lost), illustrated story

- published by Frieling-Verlag Berlin

Poster design

varies posters for bands, performances, albums

see: hanvanacoleyen.wordpress.com